Need a WiFi booster?

A Wifi booster is the solution to a peaceful, stress free life

We have the solution at an affordable price

As a professionally trained WiFi engineer & not just an ex BT telephone engineer
I can advise from a qualified perspective on how to improve your wifi reception

A WiFi booster is not the correct terminology – you need a WiFi access point

I can heat map your premise & show you exactly where you need extra wifi access points to give you a consistent wifi connection.

Wifi has limits – The strength of your wifi coming from your router can depend on the
amount of devices logged onto your service as well as the distance you are from the router.

Wifi is not broadband – Wifi is a signal that will allow you to log onto your broadband router.

If your Wifi signal is weak, your speeds can appear slow – This doesn’t mean your broadband is slow
it just means your wifi connection to your router is at low strength.

You can use wifi boosters to help solve this problem but this option doesn’t solve the problem, hence it just masks over the low signal.

As a qualified Wifi engineer and not just an ex BT telephone engineer in Rayleigh.
I am very experienced in getting your wifi coverage complete.

WiFi Booster
WiFi Booster

WiFi problems can be:

  • Wifi repeater placed in an average signal strength area to repeat the signal received
  • As a result the signal being repeated is already at an average strength so do not expect it to work miraculously at full strength
  • Most commonly, the Wifi repeater is connected to a weak wifi network.
    It connects to the main routers signal with a 50%  loss of signal, so it can only boost 50% of your original wifi at full strength from this new repeater station
    So if your computer shows 70% signal from the wifi repeater – It will be 70% from the original 50% being received – Thus making your signal strength even worse. Although you have logged onto the service at a greater distance than before

    The main problem with wifi boosters is that you don’t know at what strength the wifi repeater
    has connected, to the existing signal from the main router.


Rayleigh WiFi Booster

Argos, Amazon & other high street shops supply the same types of amatuer WiFi booster equipment.
As Certified installers – We only supply quality equipment, WiFi access points, Fully Guaranteed.

Just check our feedback to the right of the page.

We can install from just 1 wifi access point to as many as you need.

We can  install wifi access points for residential or business use.

We install professional wifi products – we do not install or promote cheap amatuer electrical plug in repeaters
Because they have a very limited shelf life & in the long term a poor investment.

We have installed many residential access points in Rayleigh and surrounding areas.

We have installed wifi units for:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Restaurants
  • Vineyards
  • Shops
  • Houses – large & small
  • Garden Centres
WiFi Booster

Your local Rayleigh telephone engineer is a:

Fully qualified data network installer and consultant.
A Fully qualified WiFi installer
Fully qualified fibre optic engineer
Certified Data Centre Technician

Rayleigh Telephone Engineer

Ex-BT engineers have no where near the skills or qualifications needed to work in this field.
BT engineers are not trained to the same standards as your Rayleigh telephone engineer.

Whilst at BT all I received were basic company accreditations – allowing me to work on the BT network.
This is of no use to you if you are after an experienced WiFi booster professional.
Not real qualifications in the outside world.

This leaves ex-Bt employees far behind in the world of communications
How could I advise you of the changing telephone & broadband world without having any skills or qualifications in this field.
As a fully qualified communications specialist I am proud to show my real qualifications.

BTEC Wireless network design specialist
Certified Data Centre Technician PRO – CDCTPRO certification
BICSI accredited Level  2 ITS Installer – Copper Data installation engineer.
BTEC Advanced Award in Datacomms Cable Installation (Fibre) City and Guilds 3667
BTEC Professional Award in LAN Design and Implementation
City and Guilds Digital TV engineers
Fluke DTX and Lantek testing.
CSCS certified